05. Waste Fraud & Abuse

What portion of medical care is waste, or fraudulent, or not medically necessary? How much will the system admit to, and why should you not believe them? If this is going on, why don't we hear about it in the media? Why aren't there lawsuits? Is it being covered up, and by whom?

Watch This Video. 39 minutes.

Why are hospitals and doctors are so motivated to behave inappropriately? How can you detect if you are becoming a victim of this, and how can you prevent it? What about over-billing and over-charging? Is it really possible for an individual consumer to fight this?

Is fraud growing? Is it happening in pharma as well? Is it happening related to Obamacare? Can doctors stop it from happening? What happens to doctors who fight corruption?

If corruption runs so deep, how is it that an individual patient can make a difference? The truth is, only YOU can make a difference, to send a message to the system, to protect yourself, and protect your bank account from being raided by a corrupt system.