10. The Insurance Delusion

Many Americans are paralyzed by fear. We are willing participants in our own deception. We know something is wrong, but we are told that to be uninsured is irresponsible. What is irresponsible about paying for your own health care?

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But the fear runs deep. So we go deep in the breakdown of health care costs, to pare it down to just the part that is truly health care. Its just how cheap health care costs really are.

But perverse incentives are more powerful than ever. Even parts of the ACA law, contribute to bad behavior on the part of insurance companies, making sure that health care costs will only increase. Another example of how government reform of health care tends to backfire.

But powerful forces are at work to keep the deception alive, that somehow reform is working. But all you have to do is look at your own insurance premium, plus your out of pocket costs, and you will have the opportunity to snap back into reality. The system isn't working.

Is there a better way? The acid test is if you can come out ahead entirely without insurance. If that is true, then you are free to pursue all sorts of alternate strategies.