06. Iatrogenic Disease (Medical Error)

Iatrogenic Disease. That's disease or illness or death caused by medicine or medical treatment. Each year thousands of Americans suffer or die because of medical error. The numbers are staggering, but you will not see this discussed in the mainstream media. Why? The biggest contributor to this horror? Hospitals. So if the prospect of fraud and financial abuse is not enough reason to avoid hospitals, awareness of iatrogenic disease might push you over the edge.

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Hospital acquired infections, surgical errors, faulty procedures, bad pharma, adverse reactions to drugs and vaccines... resulting in short term illness, permanent organ damage, brain damage or death. The numbers climb into the hundreds of thousands, even millions of Americans affected by such incidents, each year. The system wants to brush these little details under the rug, and hope you don't notice.

But sometimes it gets so bad that it cannot be hidden. Bad drugs kill tens of thousands of people, and injure hundreds of thousands. Eventually, the courts get involved and let all the bad guys off scot-free, to do it all over again.

Unfortunately there is very little protection for the consumer on this issue. It falls to you to educate yourself and protect yourself and your family.