01. The Survival Guide (Start Here)

The health care system has been hurting Americans for 50 years. Why? Because for the last 50 years we have left 'Big Business' in charge.  The fox is running the hen house. We have allowed big business, unchallenged, to over-medicate us, to overcharge us, to make our decisions and over-treat us in every imaginable way.

Watch This Video. 25 Minutes.

The system limits your options and your choices. The voice of the patient has been disregarded. Today, through your taxes, plus insurance premiums, deductibles, and out of pocket health expenses, Americans will spend 25% of their income on Health Care. In a few years that number will exceed 30%. Are we getting any healthier for it? And now, after 5 years of government intervention, things are now more complicated, and expensive, and out of control.

If government and big business only make things worse, is there an answer? There is. Its Medical Self Sufficiency - and its not impossible, or unimaginable. Its actually quite simple.

In this 25 minute presentation (Chapter 1, The Survival Guide), you will either get it, and see your way out - or you will put the blinders back on, and return to the system that is bankrupting America.