Surviving The New Health Care System - 2015

Costs are rising, and the system is changing, completely. Can you count on insurance to save you? Could you handle your family’s health care needs independently? Actually, you can, and its easier than you think. What you don’t know really can hurt you.

Medical Self Sufficiency is a video book/seminar series, delivered online, with twelve chapters that you can digest any time. Its built on a philosophy of self help. It will lead you in the right direction, and prepare you to help others.

After years in the media echo chamber, health care reform is now unfolding in the lives of most Americans. Many feel hung out to dry, with no help in sight. The truth is, you must help yourself, and educate yourself. The goal is health care cost deflation on an individual basis, and to mitigate the financial risk in self pay health care.

Our Mission is to help Americans slash their medical costs, deal intelligently with Obamacare, and open a new path to individually sustainable health care, based on self sufficiency. If you prepare you will have no need to fear. There is a solution to every problem. Its based on a combination of old ideas and new ideas. Its about exercising your right to self determination. Get started today and begin your journey toward medical self sufficiency.

Please Join Us. Our purpose is to provide our members with the information and training to deal with our modern medical system and become more medically self sufficient.

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  • 01. The Survival Guide (Start Here)

  • 02. Get What You Want Out of Obamacare

  • 03. Medical Price Shopping

  • 04. Get Doctors You Can Trust

  • 05. Waste Fraud & Abuse

  • 06. Iatrogenic Disease (Medical Error)

  • 07. Technology & Medicine. A Love Story

  • 08. Natural Medicine

  • 09. Get Cheap Pharma

  • 10. The Insurance Delusion

  • 11. Insurance Alternatives

  • 12. Politics vs Philosophy

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