09. Get Cheap Pharma

Americans pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. 2-10x higher. If you want to get around this what options do you have?

Watch This Video. 20 minutes.

We all know about generic drugs, but you can still get duped on generic pricing if you are not careful. It all depends on WHERE you buy.

Generics have been great for consumers for the last 20 years, but things are changing on this front as well. The pharma industry has colluded (illegally) to make sure prices skyrocket.

Patented drugs (those which have not yet gone generic) can be very pricey. Some newly patented drugs now carry price tags as high as $1000 per pill.

How can you get around this? There is a solution, and the FDA is busy trying to figure out how to stop you from doing it. Learn what you need to know in this video.