08. Natural Medicine

With Western Medicine, it seems that all roads lead to either drugs or surgery or both. Hospitals are populated with specialists, almost exclusively. They make their money by queuing up hoards of people on whom they can perform endless procedures, prescribe powerful biochechical drugs, and conduct diagnostic tests & surgeries.

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If you have had enough of that, you will probably need to learn something about Alternative Medicine or Natural Medicine - generally non-invasive, using an approach that helps your body to do its own healing. Alternative Health has experienced tremendous growth in the US since the 90's, yet there are still pockets of our nation that do not recognize natural health practitioners.

It can be said that science is reluctant to entertain new ideas. Its all about context. Western & Natural medicine must be laid side by side for comparison and contrast. So that's what we do, to give you a starting point for your own further investigation into the topic.