12. Politics vs Philosophy

Medical Self Sufficiency is not a political issue. It is void of politics and laws. It does not require mass organization or government support. It doesn't require new laws or anyone's permission. In the same sense, Obamacare does not help or hinder one who is on this path. Don't be distracted by it.

Watch This Video. 12 minutes.

Still it is useful to try to figure out how all of these ideas fit within the political spectrum. And to do that we must look at the political spectrum in a completely innovative and fluid way. And we must admit that people and ideals and ethics are fluid. Self reliance is a concept that exists at all corners of our society, regardless of how we may think or feel about politics or social issues.

This means that Self Sufficiency is a set of ethics that can be shared by many, and incorporated gradually into our thoughts and actions as we gain experience and confidence.